Orora Global, Inc. has leveraged state-of-the-art technology to develop a suite of products--all solar powered, to present impoverished individuals and communities with energy solutions. Our programs are designed to create more opportunities for women in clean energy and in building innovative, renewable solutions which provide a holistic and a long-term approach to community development.

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our services

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

We support each woman with a seed money of $150 to buy rechargeable solar lanterns to start a solar business. We teach them how to install and sell the lanterns. The women get paid a commission for every kit sold.

Off-Grid Homes and Buildings

Off-Grid homes and public buildings are powered using low-cost, solar solutions which will provide solar power for LED lighting, cell-phone charging, ceiling fans, and televisions.

Off-Grid SMART Villages

Many families living in rural regions are homeless. We have one dream for them--to create a safe environment for families and help the homeless communities to thrive in these regions by building off-grid homes with solar power. The communities can learn the skill of building homes through community participatory design and installing solar products, which can provide people with means for economic livelihoods, thereby creating truly sustainable communities.