Praveen headshot.png

Praveen mohan-Director of orora's indian subsidiary

Mr. Mohan helps build partnerships with NGOs, trains and inspires local entrepreneurs about Clean Energy. Praveen is highly motivated and adapts very to different rural communities to make the social change to happen. He never gives up on taking the extra step to provide the best customer service to rural communities, even if it is miles away from an urban city. Praveen, an Indian national, holds a Master in Business Administration from University of Madras and is able to apply his business skills carefully in building out Orora as a social Business in rural India. He is very well networked in the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and is able to Mr. Kiran B.C is the Corporate Social Responsibility Expert at Orora of Orora Renewable Pvt Ltd. He connects Orora with the local corporations in India who want to invest part of their profits into rural development efforts in Rural India. He brings with him several years of experience in working with corporations like Intel to invest into rural tourism and rural development in India.